Monday, May 13, 2013

The Cat

Today I'm talking about my weird cat. Well it's a little weird that out of all my animals I choose to do my cat, because we really are not cat people but this cat is a very funny cat! This whole cat story starts with another cat and moving. So in 2010 we moved to our new home, well every night this cat came to the back porch when soon we started feeding her because the times we got a glimpse of her she was skinny. So soon she became apart of the family my Dad called her the dog because she followed him every where 2 years went by when one day she was just gone... you always call her name but this time there was response. A day went by then a week then we realized she was gone. Either somebody took her or something killed her. My mom was crushed. So she devoted to get a new cat from the pound . We got her and she fit in perfectly. We named her Kitty Soft paws and now she just lay down all day and party's all night. 

The End

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